XBMC Huzzah!

My N570 powered Asus Eee Netbook took 12 hours to build OpenELEC for the RPi. Once built I followed the instructions at www.openelec.tv/news/item/242-openelec-meets-raspberry-pi-part-2 carefully (noting that the * in some of the file paths needed to be explicitly typed to work at the command prompt) and after first using the command:

dd if=/dev/sdb of=./sd4gbrpi.dd

to backup my existing RPi installation I then had a working XBMC box. Awesomeness is such an understatement :)

A few quick observations:

1) Plug the RPi LAN Ethernet cable in BEFORE booting OpenELEC or you’ll have no IP address.
2) Likewise plug in your external HDD BEFORE booting or you’ll have no media files.
3) Oh and as I’ve not stored my files with the recommended directory and file naming conventions for XBMC I’d suggest going to Videos and adding a new source and telling it to re-scan and not just browsing through your media files. After this I got film information and the like (but no cover thumbnails... that’s on my to-do list now).

With XBMC up and running I’m drinking a rather tasty Spanish Rioja to celebrate. May even watch a James Bond film on the RPi tonight as well.
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