Raspberry Pi Handbook magazine magazine out now

The postman dropped off something I’ve been waiting to see for a while, the Raspberry Pi Handbook, a Linux Magazine Special (#14). 98 pages of Pi goodness with very few adverts makes for a compelling read. Although the price tag of £7.99 feels a little steep that’s the price of more content and less adverts hence I feel it is justified.
Inside you’ll find lots of new articles on the Pi covering the OS and software, programming and hardware hacking. There’s a particularly interesting article on hooking up a USB weather station to the Pi and outputting the data recorded via a web server (also hosted on the Pi) that I think I’ll be trying out. There is also a very interesting interview with Eben Upton that is worth a read, noting that this interview is available to read for free online. The magazine comes complete with a DVD containing a number of different operating systems for the Pi which is handy to avoid potentially lengthy downloads in some cases, albeit at the price of the ISO images burned to the disc eventually becoming out of date.

The magazine also includes several articles re-printed from The MagPi and it is good to see The MagPi (even if only in part) making its debut on the shelves of WH Smith.

One thing I especially like about the Handbook is that it rapidly goes from beginner to advanced without feeling the need to trudge through endless “this is what a keyboard is: you press the keys and magic happens” very basic introductions to the Pi. There is a lot of straightforward stuff contained in the magazine but the reader is rapidly taken on to advanced topics including compiling from source. Good to see.

Raspberry Pi Handbook, available from... well pretty much anywhere that sells magazines.

Pocket Space Craft - fly your own spaceship to the Moon (for real)

The Pocket Space Craft project is now LIVE on Kickstarter. This is a genuine opportunity to own your own space craft that flies to the Moon inside a CubeSat. I met Michael the founder of Pocket Space Craft at the Raspberry Pi Boot Camp. Thousands of pocket space craft will be packed into the CubeSat and launched. The Kickstarter project provides you with opportunities to customise the software and hardware of the craft which leads to all kinds of “what-if” possibilities.

Why pocket? Well, “smaller than a CD and thinner than a sheet of paper” sums it up nicely. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the craft at the Boot Camp and was impressed at the methods the team has used to reduce weight and create something so thin (maybe it should be called an iPocket?) Managing to get solar cells, a system on a chip (you thought the Broadcom SoC on the Raspberry Pi was small? That’s nothing compared to this), and additional electronics onto such a tiny platform is truly impressive.


But the fun does not stop there: the project will provide an Android and iOS Pocket Mission Control enabling interaction at every step of the journey.

Do support the Kickstarter project, it is ABSOLUTELY worth it. You have until August 26th.

Issue 14 of The MagPi released

Issue 14 of The MagPi has been released. This issue contains a review of the Bristol Raspberry Pi Boot Camps that RaspTut has been attending along with The MagPi. Also in this issue is the first in a series of articles about the new camera board add-on available for the Pi.

As always, the magazine is available for free to read online or download as a PDF.