A selection of links related to all things Raspberry Pi. If you would like a link to your website added here I am more than willing to do so provided it relates in some way to the Raspberry Pi (or associated software such as Python, XBMC, etc). Please note that I reserve the right to remove any link at any time from this list without giving notice.

  • www.raspberrypi.org - main RPi site
  • www.pi-supply.com/ - suppliers of superb add-on boards and other kit for the Raspberry Pi
  • www.raspberry-pi.co.uk - intro to Python on the RPi, lots of good news articles including a list of compatible SD cards (they beat me to it). Also info on the Fedora Remix distribution.
  • www.themagpi.com - a free monthly magazine on the RPi (how awesome is that). It is a really good read and very professionally put together.
  • www.raspbmc.com - (now OSMC) a project to create a small Linux distro that boots into XBMC providing you with a one-stop media centre.
  • openelec.tv/get-openelec - OpenELEC is also a self-bootable Linux distro that provides XBMC support.
  • www.piborg.com - makers of LedBorg (mmm yummy LEDs) and PiBorg (mmm yummy robots) GPIO add-ons for the Raspberry Pi.
  • shop.pimoroni.com/products/zumo-chassis-kit-no-motors - UK suppliers of the superb Pololu Zumo robot chassis that features in a number of my blog posts.