Mudding on Raspberry Pi (Part 1)

A Raspberry Pi games console for online text-based Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs)... and you can play while sitting on your sofa. Read More...

Raspberry Pi - the new Amiga community?

It was 1993 and I got my first Amiga... fast forward and the Raspberry Pi has in my my eyes taken up the banner the Amiga Community once flew. Read on for a bit of nostalgia and hope for the future of cool computing. Read More...

Unlimited ordering is now GO!

As reported by The Raspberry Pi Foundation the limit of one Raspberry Pi per customer has been lifted, and you are free to order as many as you want:

Remember the Pi (GTD with RTM on RPi)

You have a Raspberry Pi (or you have placed an order for one). You have a ton of project ideas that you would like to try out, but how are you going to keep track of them? Bits of paper? A notes app on your computer or phone? How are you going to keep your notes in sync as new ideas and updates to others come to mind?

This is where Remember The Milk comes in.

Welcome to the new blog

Previously content was added to however with so many interesting happenings um... happening in the world of Raspberry Pi I decided to create a site dedicated to the Pi.

On this site you will find articles, tutorials, and a smidgen of news. The focus will be on the former two, with news reserved just for those _really_ interesting things (such as Raspberry Pi winning at the Nominet Internet Awards).

Raspberry Pi wins at the Nominet Internet Awards

Superb. Well deserved:

Raspberry Pi wins the Nominet Outstanding Contribution to the UK Internet Award 2012:

This is fantastic news and is well deserved. Superb bit of kit, excellent community and fantastic news for those who created it all in the first place.